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Why Lit?

Inadequate lighting can sap your energy, dampen your mood, cause eyestrain and headaches; ultimately hindering your ability to work productively.

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Brighten your Moments

Date nights become memorable with the right lights. Schedule your devices and set automation to light up every space.

Home Scenes

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Light your home the Lit way! Get flexibility and durability with Lit.

Lit’s got you covered.

Switch between warm or bright colours at work and improve your productivity with every task.

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How can Lit benefit you?

Set the ambiance in spaces where you want to unwind and focus on others.


Improve your mood and energy levels, with the right lighting. Reduce depression, boost your health, concentration, appetite, mood, and all aspects of your daily life.

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Highlight every part of your yard, providing a secure property and illuminating feature. Your garden lighting can greatly affect the look of your home and add great interest to your home.

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Fully immerse yourself with Lit for an ultimate gaming experience. Experience an action-packed virtual world.

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Friends of Lit

Apple Home kit

HomeKit is the smart home platform for your apple smart devices, designed to let you control a variety of internet connected home devices from thermostats and outlets to blinds, light bulbs, socket, switches and more. You get to enjoy voice commands with your Apple home pod, with Siri coming to the rescue. It is compatible on Macbooks, Iphones and Ipads.

Samsung SmartThings

Control all Samsung devices from one app. Customers get quick insight and control of their entire smart home through automation or manual controls. Discover, control, and manage third-party connections and use SmartThings. Create automations and scenarios. Quickly access devices from the Samsung Connect panel (only available for certain Samsung Galaxy devices)

Google Smart Homes

The Google Smart Home platform allows users to control your commercially available connected devices through the Google Home app and the Google Assistant, currently on over 1 billion devices such as smart speakers, phones, cars, TVs, headphones, watches, etc. The google smart home is primarily controlled with the Google Nest.

Smart Life App

The Smart Life app is available for Android and iOS systems. It was developed and continues to be operated by Tuya, one of the largest smart home B2B platform providers in the world. The smart life app can control all your smart devices, set up voice command, family sharing, quick notifications, automations, group devices, time switch, timer, energy meter, cloud storage and much more.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is the voice artificial intelligence from Amazon. Alexa lives in the cloud, and as long as there is internet access and a device that can connect to Alexa, it will be happy to help. Making Alexa a part of your life is as easy as asking a question, Alexa can play your favourite songs, read the latest news, dim your living room lights and more. Basically, Alexa wants to make your life easier, and more enjoyable by helping you control your world with your voice.

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